You gotta catch them all!

Well if you were just living under a rock for the past few years, than you should know about the video game Pokémon. For those people who play this game it is more of a lifestyle. You have to catch them all! There is a new game call Pokémon GO.

I want to be the very best...

I want to be the very best…

There is a new game call Pokemon GO. According to the press conference, “For the first time, Pokémon will roam free in the real world. Pokémon GO will allow players to capture Pokémon who inhabit parks, shopping areas, sidewalks and the countryside all around the world. Imagine discovering a Squirtle hiding along the waterfront in San Francisco, a Bulbasaur at Shinjuku Station or a Pikachu beneath the Eiffel Tower.”

This new game also will have a device called Pokemon GO Plus. It uses a Bluetooth signal to pair with your smartphone. This Pokeball like device is used to alert you to Pokemon within range of game events. Also the simple action of throwing a Pokeball by pressing the center button.

This smartphone app is being developed by Niantic Labs(Ingress), Nintendo, and GameFreak. It will be released on the App Store and Google Play in 2016.