My 8-bit love

I started my old NES up a few days ago and played “Mike Tyson Punch-Out”. Now Punch-Out is a type of game that I want to beat. I am a completionist, not some type of person who wants to get all the trophies or achievements. That is still is great to get all those achievements but I need to beat the game. Revisiting this game and other like this makes me nostalgic for these old school games. Real games. No save points. Long hours on the couch, with nothing else but the controller in one hand and a handful of gummy worms in the other. Back in the day these games were unforgiving. For me, playing as a 5 year old was brutal but I had a secret…My brother.

That family gaming.

That family gaming.

Before I delve into some of my favorite memories, let me give you a little history. My brother is a huge inspiration in my life. Without him I would have never loved video games. From the time I was little, I looked up to him. Literally…He was about six feet tall. There was an age difference but that didn’t matter. The farthest back I can remember in my life was my brother and I playing some game. In my family there is a bit of an age difference between my brother and me. There is a 13 year age difference. I missed most of his life due to me being a baby. Video gaming brought us together. These games like Castlevania and Sonic the Hedgehog bonded us. They created memories that I will never forget.

My go-to game with my brother.

My go-to game with my brother.

My best memories were of my brother and I staying up on the weekends trying to beat a game. We invented couch Co-Op before that was even a thing. I can distinctly remember a time where holding my own in a game with my brother. My brother bought me some Nerds and Starbursts to last the weekend. With the smell of a new game, we were off! Playing Sega’s Altered Beast was a hard game for me. You started as a human, than after a power-up orb you transformed into a werewolf and so on. Well as a little kid that was difficult. My brother would encourage me to defeat the boss and transform. Then he would take my controller and do it for me. This time I held my own. I defeated the boss and finally transformed! I was so happy but I could not celebrate. The game did not stop on that account. Level Two awaits us. I can’t remember if we competed that game, all I can recall is the fun we had. From that point on all things that were related to video games, I had to get. I was hooked.

Photo by Man Crates

Photo by Man Crates

Man Crates asked me to write a blog post about gaming nostalgia and what would be in my crate if I could build one. Well I would choose a savory and sweet combo. Each one of these picks are practical. Meaning you can still game and eat. You have to have the classic bag of pizza Combos and you can’t go wrong with the bubble gum Big League Chew. For me the candy necklace was my go to. Form and function all in one. Finally you have to add Nerds. Two different taste separated in one box. Now if you can’t get all these items, why not head to Man Crates and take a look at the Retro Gamer Crate. This includes a Retro-Bit NES console with two games and a great variety of candy from from when games were challenging. In addition to all this retro gaming goodness, why not head over to Man Crates and you can see other cool gifts for guys that you can get!

Tell me what would be in your gaming crate in the comments below! Knower of comic books, video games, and other useless information. Please leave your message after the beep. Follow me on twitter: @mxaghost


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