By the power…Toy Soldiers: War Chest gets Upgraded

If you loved 80’s toys such as He-Man and G.I. Joe than I have story for you! Developer Signal Studios brings you the next installment of the Toy Solders series called Toy Solders: War Chest. In this latest installment, not only can you play as WWI-era German Empire forces, the villainous tactician Dark Lord, the cute army of Starbright, and  Phantom and her Ghost Company. You can play as He-man, The Most Powerful Man in the Universe and G.I. Joe

If you didn’t know the original game back on the Xbox 360, Toy Soldiers gameplay focused on a strategy defense/action game. This new game arrives on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the summer. According to Ubisoft, “Each army is original and defends with its own individual base turrets, combat and aerial attack vehicles and army units, making each gameplay experience unique.”



Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame edition will be available as a digital-download and at retailers for $29.99. The Hall of Fame edition includes four licensed armies and the four armies included in the standard edition. Toy Soldiers: War Chest (standard edition) will be available as a digital-download only for $14.99. The standard edition will include Phantom, Dark Lord, Kaiser and Starbright. Players will also be able to download individual Hall of Fame licensed armies for $4.99 each or all four together in the Legendary Heroes pack for $14.99.

My Take:

I am geeking out right now! First off, I have always wanted to play this game ever since this was announced in 2009. I could not play this because it was a Xbox exclusive. Since Microsoft released the rights back to Signal Studios, I can finally play on my PS4. How can you not love He-Man and G.I. Joe? I’m hoping for some more 80’s goodness when Ubisoft and Signal Studios announce the final two armies you get to play as in this game.


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