You rolled a 20! A text-based adventure for the new generation!

Imagine you enter a dimly lit hallway. The only item you have at your disposal is a torch. Your path splits East and West, which way do you go?  This is one of your first decisions that you face in Nathan Meunier’s new game/Kindle book “This Book Is A Dungeon [This Dungeon Is A Book]”.

If you don’t know who Nathan Meunier is then you should be ashamed.  Mr. Meunier is an accomplished freelance writer, author of the The Game Journo Guides Series, and Indie game dev. He also runs one of the best podcast that I heard in a while called The Freelancer Game. He describes this new project as a “weird creative book/game hybrid experiments.” This project of this is a Twine game. What is a Twine game? Well, Twine emphasises the structure of hypertext and does not require knowledge of any programming languages like other game development tools do use.

Having played the demo at least ten times, this seems like a cross a D&D game and some old school text-based adventure. I loved it. Enough said. There are still secrets for me to find in this demo. During my first playthrough I did not encounter any monsters. After that, I managed to find quite a bit of them. These are horrible 8-bit beings that lurk randomly in this dungeon. I really want to see what the Kindle book holds. This book looks like those old D&D dungeonmaster books. According to Mr. Meunier, he describes his book as a “detailed day-to-day development diary that documents the entire process of creating the game, and this entire project/experiment, from start to finish” and it holds much more.

I highly encourage you to download the demo (Best played on Google Chrome).

Give this game a try! If you like it, pre-order this book.


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