Sony Santa Monica Hinting at Future Games

In a news post on their site, they mentioned some interesting items. According to this post: “In late March we are going to celebrate 10-years of God of War in a special anniversary celebration for our fans. Hey, that’s you. We’re looking forward to this”

They also mentioned they are working on an “AAA PlayStation 4 internal project”, which according to Sony Santa Monica they expect a “significant role”.

There there was no reveal date as of yet, but Sony Santa Monica was eager to say about the PlayStation Experience that it will be back late this year and they will have play a significant role.

I have reached out to Sony Santa Monica but there has been no response as of yet.

My Take

We know that Sony Santa Monica is working on something big. This does not come as a surprise but announcing that they will have a “significant role” is. What does this mean? A new God of War game? A new IP? We don’t know yet but stay tuned. If you have any ideas mention them in the comments below.


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