RUMOR: LEGO Working On Toys-to-Life Game

I don’t like to report on rumors but this game sounds cool. According to the website,┬áTraveler’s Tales is developing a Lego Toys-to-Life game with the working title of LEGO Dimensions. Accounting to the article, this game will rival other such Toys-to Life games such as Activision’s Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Nintendo’s Amiibos.

This article also states that this game is expected to be released late this year. Traveler’s Tales’ associate director Tim Wileman told that the studio is “always trying to push the boundaries”.

My Take

If this rumor holds true, then it looks like Lego and Traveler’s Tales give other Toys-to-Life games a run for their money. Lego has the potential to crush the competition in this category if they will actually let players build things in the game (aka Minecraft). They might take the route of past games and let players create their own characters. This game sounds promising. I’m unsure of mixing Marvel and DC characters. I wouldn’t think that Warner/Disney would give their approval for this but you never know. Everything is indeed awesome.


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