The House of Mario Hints at “NX” Console and Journeys to Smartphone Games

During a press conference, Nintendo and DeNA announced a partnership to bring Nintendo IP’s to mobile gaming. According to this presser, DeNA will handle completely new IP’s. Nintendo states that all of it’s library of characters will is open to this new mobile market.

Along side this announcement, Nintendo also announced that DeNA will be developing their new membership service. This will replace Club Nintendo and will be available on PC, 3DS, and Wii U. There is no firm date for the roll out of this service, they have only targeted later this year.  DeNA has recently released a new Transformers mobile game and has partnered with Square Enix for their released of Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


In this press confrence with DeNA, Nintendo hinted at it’s next console. Currently code-named ‘NX”. Other than the working name, nothing else was stated about the new system. It was stated that this new console would be integrated with the new membership service. More details about the new system will come in 2016.

My Take

Nintendo fans should rejoice at the news. The Wii U has a shorter life span than most would like, but it will be interesting where they take it. Investors have been asking Nintendo to journey into the smartphone market to get that piece of the pie. One game if DeNA are allowed to adapt it, should be Mario Maker. That seems like the best match for the smartphone market.The new membership service looks promising but could be all digital rewards. I’m putting the cart before the horse, but it looks like physical rewards could be limited or nonexistent. All in all, this partnership is promising to all fans of the House that Mario built.


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