Kirby Kirby Kirby

Today I bring you the review of Kirby Triple Deluxe. It is the thirteenth installment of the Kirby game series. Retro is really in at Nintendo. I would not say that Kirby is an old property but he could fit in somewhere. We all know Kirby…right? Well if you don’t, he is a round pink ball with eyes and a mouth. He does not talk much. All he says is “hi”.


As for the game’s story, Kirby lives in this place called Dream Town. Where he lives a very simple life of flying, fishing, and sleeping. One day as he is sleeping, a giant beanstalk vine thrust his home into the night sky. Waking up, Kirby sees what had happen and ventures up the stalk. He comes across King DeDeDe’s castle. Which has been carried up in the clouds too. Kirby sees a mysterious figure burst through the castle doors. As our hero Kirby runs to the king’s throne, the mysterious figure takes King DeDeDe further up the vine like stalk. It is up to Kirby to save the day!



Kirby Robin Hood, away!!!

Kirby Robin Hood, away!!!

All Kirby games are simple to play. Besides walking, jumping, and dashing. He only has one ability: Inhale. This game focuses on that ability. In this game and other Kirby game your ability to suck up your opponents and absorb their powers is key. Not all enemies have powers but all can be used as a weapon. Most of the powers here are the same as previous games. There are four new ones: Archer, Beetle, Bell, and Circus.

Along with these new powers you have the Hypernova inhale ability due to the Hypernova fruit. This allows Kirby to inhale items that he previous could not. Which is not limited to not just enemies but large trees, rocks and gigantic eels. This power is used in innovative ways. You can inhale and walk backwards to pull something or propel a drill boat on hot lava. In these levels, you have a mini boss which will usually shoot some item at you. Kirby inhales the item and shoots it back. Simple mechanic but fun.



In this game you go from stage to stage collecting sun stones to unlock the boss at the end of the levels. As a platformer, it is at its best. The 3D effect adds another touch whereas Kirby can travel to the foreground and background wherever there is a shifting star to help him. Certain parts of the level requires you to tilt your 3DS to put out fires or help guide a lit fuze across a maze.

As I stated in my opening, I believe that Nintendo and HAL Labs was going for a retro theme. They might have missed the mark. As you play through, you will find keychains. These are the collectables in this game. The keychains are of various enemies and Kirby powers through his video game history. You can’t really do nothing with them other than to see them in your keychain collection. I mean does Kirby have a keychain? What does he do with them?


At times you need it most the controls are a bit loose. Each power has a set move list and combos for different power moves. To activate a certain power, I would sometimes use the 3DS D-pad. Using the analog stick was too loose. I would try one move and get another.

Kirby Triple Deluxe has two other games included. Kirby Fighters and DeDeDe Drum Dash. Kirby Fighters is the fun one. It is like a Super Smash Bros. clone. You can play one of four different colored Kirby’s and choose one power. You can duke it out which your friend or see which power reigns supreme.

All in all Kirby Triple Deluxe is a fun game. The nods from previous game are there. There is a little extra for beating the game and to replay it as well. I don’t know the idea for putting the keychains in the game. There was no clear thought on that. I would have like a little more involvement on that part.



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