Sony GDC Eyetracking Tech

Last year, Sony revealed it was working on technology to let you control games with your eyes — technology that we just tried here at the 2014 Game Developers Conference. The same Sony team behind the Project Morpheus VR headset, the PlayStation Move, and the PlayStation Camera are also showing off a modified version of Infamous: Second Son where your eyes control where your character is looking.

With a special camera and software from SensoMotoric Instruments, setup is a breeze — you simply look at two different points on the screen — and then whenever you look at anything in the game, the camera rotates to center it in your view. We actually found it quicker and more accurate to aim at things than with the analog stick itself, no mean feat, and we were quickly wreaking havoc by throwing fireballs with pinpoint precision at traffic signs, trash cans, and the occasional enemy.

A tweet from IGN’s Colin Moriarty shows off it’s power:



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