PlayStation’s New Gamble – Project Morpheus (Sony VR)

It is real! After many months of rumors and speculation, Sony announced their Virtual Reality unit dubbed “Project Morpheus”. The prototype will be available for developers to begin creating games soon. During the GDC 2014 presentation, PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida spoke their Virtual reality unit, saying, “may well shape the future of games,” by increasing immersion with a sense of presence while playing. Yoshida showed the early development of the VR headset, beginning with a PlayStation Move literally duct-taped to a prototype.

“We believe Morpheus will further enhance the world of PlayStation 4 with seamless integration with PlayStation Camera, DualShock 4, and PS Move,” said Yoshida. Sony has also indicated a number of software developers, including Epic Games and Crytek, are already on-board with Project Morpheus. PlayStation’s Anton Mikhailov says the company is treating VR as “a medium, not a peripheral.”

As the device is still a prototype, Sony has not revealed final specs. But the current prototype does include a 1080p display, full 360 degree positional tracking, and reportedly low latency. The company has also made a special focus on ergonomic design, and Morpheus will apparently allow the use of other wireless audio headsets. Since this is a prototype, price was not mentioned.


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