Deadpool Review


I was looking forward to play Deadpool ever since the announcement at the VGA’s. Now I am not a fan of Deadpool but having read some of the comics beforehand made me want to play this game. As of this review, I wish someone would mindwipe me.

There are few words that can describe this game. Most of them cannot be spoken in present company. Except Deadpool speaks them. In all my years of playing video games, this is the first time the ESRB rating is appropriate. The ESRB describes the “Merc with a Mouth” as “Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Strong Language”. This is hits the target right on the nose. For those few people who do not know who Deadpool is. He is a Marvel character, as Deadpool narrates- a anti-hero that worked with the X-men. He is insane super-mutant breaks the fourth wall constantly. Wade Wilson was drafted in the Weapon X program, experimented on, and turned nuts. Now having the same healing power as Wolverine, he will fight the war on justice or disfigure it.

What did I just play? Deadpool knows he’s in a video game. He frequently breaks the fourth wall to communicate with the player, barking complaints about the gameplay, level designs, and mission objectives. After finishing a level, one of the end scenes has Deadpool riding on a tiger with wings. His imagination takes control after the first mission. As I said he knows he is in a video game. When Deadpool does not like something he will change it. Some of his changes draw the ire of High Moon Studios; the game director calls him on the phone to complain about spending too much money on a scene filled with explosions, death, mass destruction, and effects galore. I wish I could change this game too.

Deadpool favors crude jokes and prop gags. Voice actor Nolan North nails the role of Marvel’s odd super-mutant, giving the voices in Deadpool’s head distinction, and his main voice captures the grating and annoying tones I always thought he had when I read the comic books. He not only voicing Wade Wilson but the two voices in his head as well as himself in a phone call in Deadpool apartment. Sure, he spits out legitimately funny lines occasionally, but he’s always talking and complaining and saying ridiculous things. The soundtrack is often drowned out by Deadpool saying some stupid illogical thing. I would say the voice acting and the characters are best things about this game.

The gameplay has moments of brilliance. Deadpool’s “gun-fu” blends the slicing and dicing of swords with forceful shotgun blasts. Other then that there is not much to offer. There is a Batman Arkham-like dodging system with the teleportation system. This has some drawbacks. You will button mash. It is repeating the same combo for all three melee weapon types. I used the same combos for most of the game. The upgrade system is successful in making the weapons and their wielder more powerful, but doesn’t offer much in terms of expanding Deadpool’s acrobatic arsenal. From the katanas to the huge hammers it the same combo, both light and heavy attacks. The repetition in moves pairs well with what else then repetition in enemy types. Deadpool is opposed by waves upon waves of clones. When new enemies are introduced, many are enhanced versions of the same types, wielding a shield or a new power. Gunplay and swordplay I do not think matter. I shot one enemy 50-something times and it looks like he took no damage. The aiming is horrible. You literally have to behind them to get a headshot.

When I finished this game, I walked away unfulfilled. After a day away from it, I found myself chuckling over the crazy things Deadpool said and did. His obsession with Wolverine is particularly funny. I loved Rogue in the game but other then that. If you love Deadpool then get the game if not rent it.


So, what do you think? Did I get it right or wrong tell me in the comments below. This is your friendly neighborhood MXAGhost writer… Signing off for now.


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