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Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax review

What happens when your last hope for the world is a bunch of anime characters? This is the main concept of Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. A fighting game for the PS3 and PS Vita. Now this game has been out for about a year ago in Japan. I’ll give this review in two parts. First gameplay and then graphics. I tried the PlayStation Vita version.


Let me preface this review by saying it has been a long time since I’ve played a fighting game. The last fighting game I’ve played was Mortal Kombat back in the early 90’s. I loved all the battle modes in this game. In this game there are five modes: Story, Dream Dual, Versus, Training and Network. I’ll explain the story below but that is what you expect. Move up the chain battling until you get to the boss. Dream Dual is the most fun. I won’t reveal too much but it does have some fun banter between the anime characters. Versus is your typical match between the computer or another player. Training is where you hone those fighting skills against the computer. In my opinion that would be the best use of your time. Since it has been some time since I’ve played a fighting game, this mode helped me gain some skills. Finally, the network mode is the multiplayer. This is where the game get intense. I lost so much but that just makes me want to train to reach my potential.

I want to say I was quite surprised on how simple this was to play. There are three main attacks: Light, Medium, and Heavy. These input commands simple due to the quarter circle motion. As with other fighting games, each character has an extensive move list with these inputs. Along with the moves, you also have Assists, Climax Gauge, Blasts, Trump Cards. Assists are rechargeable characters that help you in battle. Most of these NPCs have two attacks, one general and one directional. Your blasts are temporary blow backs to stop an attack but these also increased your health a bit. Also, you have a trump card. It is what you think. A temporary use attack with some invincibility. My character I played was Kirito from Sword Art Online. His trump card is a double blade attack. While using this power up, you can also chain up your attacks. Which in the heat of battle can help you a lot!


As with most fighting games, the story does not make sense. This doesn’t mess with the gameplay but nevertheless it puzzles the mind. Most of the anime characters that appear in this game were somehow pulled from their universe and transported to this digital world/battle realm? I really don’t know. Summoned by a girl wearing a dress that looks like a Sega Dreamcast controller, you are fighting a computer virus that lost all hope and thrives on despair. Since you are the last hope for all, this virus absorbs all others that came before you and that is who you fight. All of the playable characters and assists characters are from popular anime. Kirito and Asuna, along with their assist Leafa are from Sword Art Online. Other anime characters that are playable are: Kirino Kousaka from “Oreimo,” Mikoto Misaka from “A Certain Magical Index,” Shana from “Shakugan no Shana. The OLED screen really provides a great experience when you are playing this game. The colors pop on the character and the backgrounds. This was also the problem. All of the characters looked like they did not belong in these backgrounds. The various backgrounds came from Sega games and not the some of these animes. Why?

Overall, this is a great fighting game. If you wanted to put your favorite anime characters together, than this is the game for you. The backgrounds take you away from that immersion point when playing but that would be a small nitpick from me. Fighting Climax is a fun yet simple fighting game. This game does have me waiting for Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition when it eventually come to the North America.


Interview in Progress Podcast .5

Welcome to the first episode of Interview in Progress. Interview in Progress will a Q&A podcast with a guest about they got to this point in their life and where they want to go. As explained in the podcast, this was a dream of my to try my hand at a podcast. This is my first podcast, so be kind.
If you have any questions or comments, ideas for guest, leave them in the comments below or tweet them to me at @mxaghost.

You gotta catch them all!

Well if you were just living under a rock for the past few years, than you should know about the video game Pokémon. For those people who play this game it is more of a lifestyle. You have to catch them all! There is a new game call Pokémon GO.

I want to be the very best...

I want to be the very best…

There is a new game call Pokemon GO. According to the press conference, “For the first time, Pokémon will roam free in the real world. Pokémon GO will allow players to capture Pokémon who inhabit parks, shopping areas, sidewalks and the countryside all around the world. Imagine discovering a Squirtle hiding along the waterfront in San Francisco, a Bulbasaur at Shinjuku Station or a Pikachu beneath the Eiffel Tower.”

This new game also will have a device called Pokemon GO Plus. It uses a Bluetooth signal to pair with your smartphone. This Pokeball like device is used to alert you to Pokemon within range of game events. Also the simple action of throwing a Pokeball by pressing the center button.

This smartphone app is being developed by Niantic Labs(Ingress), Nintendo, and GameFreak. It will be released on the App Store and Google Play in 2016.

My 8-bit love

I started my old NES up a few days ago and played “Mike Tyson Punch-Out”. Now Punch-Out is a type of game that I want to beat. I am a completionist, not some type of person who wants to get all the trophies or achievements. That is still is great to get all those achievements but I need to beat the game. Revisiting this game and other like this makes me nostalgic for these old school games. Real games. No save points. Long hours on the couch, with nothing else but the controller in one hand and a handful of gummy worms in the other. Back in the day these games were unforgiving. For me, playing as a 5 year old was brutal but I had a secret…My brother.

That family gaming.

That family gaming.

Before I delve into some of my favorite memories, let me give you a little history. My brother is a huge inspiration in my life. Without him I would have never loved video games. From the time I was little, I looked up to him. Literally…He was about six feet tall. There was an age difference but that didn’t matter. The farthest back I can remember in my life was my brother and I playing some game. In my family there is a bit of an age difference between my brother and me. There is a 13 year age difference. I missed most of his life due to me being a baby. Video gaming brought us together. These games like Castlevania and Sonic the Hedgehog bonded us. They created memories that I will never forget.

My go-to game with my brother.

My go-to game with my brother.

My best memories were of my brother and I staying up on the weekends trying to beat a game. We invented couch Co-Op before that was even a thing. I can distinctly remember a time where holding my own in a game with my brother. My brother bought me some Nerds and Starbursts to last the weekend. With the smell of a new game, we were off! Playing Sega’s Altered Beast was a hard game for me. You started as a human, than after a power-up orb you transformed into a werewolf and so on. Well as a little kid that was difficult. My brother would encourage me to defeat the boss and transform. Then he would take my controller and do it for me. This time I held my own. I defeated the boss and finally transformed! I was so happy but I could not celebrate. The game did not stop on that account. Level Two awaits us. I can’t remember if we competed that game, all I can recall is the fun we had. From that point on all things that were related to video games, I had to get. I was hooked.

Photo by Man Crates

Photo by Man Crates

Man Crates asked me to write a blog post about gaming nostalgia and what would be in my crate if I could build one. Well I would choose a savory and sweet combo. Each one of these picks are practical. Meaning you can still game and eat. You have to have the classic bag of pizza Combos and you can’t go wrong with the bubble gum Big League Chew. For me the candy necklace was my go to. Form and function all in one. Finally you have to add Nerds. Two different taste separated in one box. Now if you can’t get all these items, why not head to Man Crates and take a look at the Retro Gamer Crate. This includes a Retro-Bit NES console with two games and a great variety of candy from from when games were challenging. In addition to all this retro gaming goodness, why not head over to Man Crates and you can see other cool gifts for guys that you can get!

Tell me what would be in your gaming crate in the comments below! Knower of comic books, video games, and other useless information. Please leave your message after the beep. Follow me on twitter: @mxaghost

Trick or Treat: Halloween comes early for Gotham

Tensions are high.The streets are littered with thugs. Batman’s days are numbered. We are thrust into Gotham City, in the final chapter of the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. With this review, I’ll try to leave the spoilers out. Many people (including me) want to play the game with the story intact.


Batman: Arkham Knight takes place one year after the events of Arkham City. With the death of a major starting this game, you knew this story was going to be extremely difficult for Batman. The main story-line goes as follows: Scarecrow threatens Gotham City with his all new “fear toxin” and the city evacuates. A new villain shows up calling himself Arkham Knight. For one night, Scarecrow and Arkham Knight team up to take down the bat. As always with the arkham series, Rocksteady takes their time to craft the a very well written story. Each element is extremely detailed.

The Maestro of Villainy!

The Maestro of Villainy!

From the conversations that each enemy has on the street to the side stories. The amazing thing is that they make sense. Each one is grounded in Batman lore and also makes complete sense in this lone story. The side stories in are not fully fleshed out like in the main story but still take on a light of their own. Azrael story has him trying to prove himself to Batman. Penguin has a gun running operation that you have to stop with Nightwing. Even Man-Bat shows up with a creepy story-line yet satisfying story. The first ending is completes the story but after completing 100% of the Gotham’s Most Wanted, you receive the ending for the series finale. The end all be all.


You are Batman. You have his skills, talents and his utility belt. You start in this game with all other upgrades from the previous games. Visually and physically, each of Batman’s gadgets are updated. Plus, is new Disruptor weapon is a nice addition. Just like in all previous games, you can upgrade Batman and his tech. One upgrade you should invest in right away is the grapnel gun boost. That will help you from the beginning to glide wherever you want.
Introduced in this game is the Batmobile.  This monstrosity of a machine is virtually unstoppable. With a simple trigger pull, the Batmobile changes into a tank. Outfitted with a 60mm Vulcan gun, you can destroy anything in your path. As cool as it is, you wonder why would Batman have a tank… Well because tanks are involved.

Lock N' Load!

Lock N’ Load!

The Arkham Knight did not come alone. He has an army. Much like the plot of Arkham City, his army will stop at nothing to destroy the bat. To back up this army, drone tanks are provided. This is where the battle mode of the Batmobile comes in handy. If I have only one problem with this game it is the battle mode. (This is the same problem every other reviewer had too.) Transformation into the tank is a simple trigger pull but you have to hold down that trigger. This Bat-tank can and maneuver circles around anything but let go of that trigger and you lose your mobility. While on Twitter, I found that you can toggle the battle mode of the Batmobile. Once I did this, this changes the whole game. Toggling the battle mode locks the transformation. Having your hands free for higher priorities, such as tank elimination.
Like I said the story part of the review, the side stories are important. Not just story wise but gameplay too. Each of these stories hone your skills as the Dark Knight. Two-Face’s mission teaches you how to stalk and eliminate enemies silently. Man-Bat’s teaches the fundamentals for gliding. Also introduced in this game are AR Challenges. These teach the basic skills of The Dark Knight and the Batmobile.

Overall, Batman: Arkham Knight is one amazing game, yet it is not with out its flaws. The tagline on the box art is true: “Be The Batman”. You are Batman, you embody all of his fears and strengths. As the final game in the Batman: Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight is the epitome of the Batman experience. This is one game you should play.


One Shall Stand and One Shall Game!

Before E3 there were rumors of a new Transformers game. Now we have confirmation of this game. Activision teamed up with development studio Platinum Games Inc. Based on Hasbro’s colossal entertainment franchise, Transformers: Devastation is a third-person action-brawler game with a breathtaking comic book-inspired visual style.


PlatinumGames utilizes cel-shaded artwork to create updated versions of the bold, brightly colored designs of the original G1 Transformers cartoon characters. The game features a story inspired by the IDW comic book universe and includes the talents of amazing voice actors like Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee, Frank Welker as Megatron and Soundwave, Gregg Berger as Grimlock, and Peter Cullen as the legendary Optimus Prime.

Accourding to Activision and Platinum Games, “TRANSFORMERS: Devastation harnesses the unique abilities of its heroes to convert from robot to vehicle form to extraordinary effect. In this incredibly dynamic, combo-fueled experience, players battle as one of five AUTOBOTS – OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, SIDESWIPE, WHEELJACK and GRIMLOCK. Throughout the game, players unlock new skills, forge new weapons, and augment their characters to battle against the vicious DECEPTICONS, including MEGATRON and the powerful combiner DEVASTATOR.”


Everything E3: Sony Conference

Well, it’s finally here. The last conference of E3, Sony has to make the play of the decade. According to the internet, either Xbox or Bethesda won the E3. So here is the breakdown of the Sony conference. If you remember, Xbox announced backward compatibility and Mods with Fallout 4. If this was a pirate ship, shots were fired.


  • IT IS REAL!!!!!!!
  • No date as of yet, just stated 2016.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • New IP
  • Humans fled and machines took over. Now the humans hunt the machines-animals.


  • Travel to exotic locations
  • Beta on PlayStation first

Street Fighter V

  • Console exclusive
  • Characters: Birdy and Cammy.
  • Beta on PlayStation

No Man’s Sky

  • Giant sandbox
  • Full of choices, take sides in galactic wars.
  • IT IS BIG!!!!
  • Trading, surviving, fighting.


  • Dreams are linked in a “dreamverse”.
  • Collaboration, making your mark in the world.
  • Create anything you can dream of.


  • A mystery where your only guide is your ex-wife.

Destiny: The Taken Ring

  • Someone is building a dark army. Your job is to stop it.
  • New gear, new content.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

  • Trailer focuses on the female lead, Evie Frye.
  • Play some exclusive missions.

World of Final Fantasy

  • Small chibi world.
  • Coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • The remake is coming first to PS4.

Devolver Digital

  • Ronin – Vita, ninja running game.
  • Eitr – Viking type
  • Mother Russia Bleeds – 80’s brawler
  • Crossing soul

Shenmue 3

  • Save Shenmue Kickstarter announced.

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Trailer shown. Joker died and was cremated. This is how war started.
  • Scarecrow’s fear toxin is in full force.
  • Available June 26, 2015

Project Morpheus

  • Most VR games shown are single player like The Deep.
  • Connections is key. With friends.
  • Announced RIGS – 3 v 3 robot fighting.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

  • Deepest and most intense gaming presence.
  • Single player or 4 player co-op.
  • Humans vs. Robots
  • Multiplayer- fast and fully loaded.
  • PlayStation owners first have all the maps and be invited to the beta.

Disney Infinity 3.0

  • Delivering the complete Star Wars experience.
  • Announcing exclusive, PlayStation will get these a month before others.
  • Boba Fett, first in the PlayStation starter pack.

Star Wars: Battlefront

  • Talking about different types of single or co-op missions.
  • Battles, Hero Battles, Trials, Wave type game.
  • Out, Nov 17, 2015

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

  • Visually stunning gameplay
  • Showing driving gameplay.