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DuckTales (Woo-oo)

Pack your bags for Duckberg because Disney is rebooting the one and only DuckTales! According to their blog, 2017 is the magical year when flock of ducks come back to the airwaves via Disney XD. The new series will follow Scrooge McDuck, his grandnephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie. Other beloved characters slated to be in the new stories are: Duckworth, Gyro Gearloose, Launchpad McQuack, Magica DeSpell & Poe, Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys (Burger Beagle, Bouncer Beagle), Mrs. Beakley and Webbigail Vanderquack.

“DuckTales has a special place in Disney’s TV animation history,” Marc Buhaj, Disney XD general manager, said in a statement. “It drew its inspiration from Carl Barks’ comic books and through its storytelling and artistic showmanship, set an enduring standard for animated entertainment that connects with both kids and adults. Our new series will bring that same energy and adventurous spirit to a new generation.”

No word on which voice actors are casted for these roles. I would assume that the original cast would be returning. The voice of Scrooge McDuck, Alan Young is still going strong at the age of 95. He did voice Scrooge in the remake of the DuckTales game, DuckTales Remastered.

Could Darkwing Duck be right around the corner? Stay tuned…


SteamWorld Heist jumps on the tourbus!

Hello all my Steampunk fans!

In a recent press release and blog post, Image & Form games announced they are hitting the road to show off their two latest games: SteamWorld Heist and Zombie Vikings. Their schedule is shown as below:

United States
GDC in San Francisco, March 2-4
Boston at PAX East, March 6-8
Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey, May 15-17
EGX Rezzed in London, March 12-14

I eagerly await their both of their games. If you are headed to any of these events, don’t forget to say “Hi” to them. The team at Image & Form are the nicest group of people in the video games that you will ever meet!


Bowser Amiibo Unboxing & Review

Hi and welcome to my first (maybe only) toy review. If I feel this type of blog has gone well, than I might continue it. You often don’t see “reviewers” review these interactive toys such as Amiibos. Your first reaction of looking at an Amiibo is “What is there to review?” or at least that was my reaction. Since I don’t own a Wii U or the new 3DS, I will just be looking at the figure itself. Today’s review will focus on Bowser, king of the Koopas and eternal bane of Mario!

Box Art


Looking at the box art, you can tell that Nintendo put their heart and soul into this figure. The box has a large front image of Bowser, which is stunning in its detail. It perfectly matches the figure inside the box.  As well as the bottom bar stating that this is a official Amiibo. On the back of the package, it shows some game play and states that Bowser can can reach level 50. There is a small “app” looking icon saying you can use this figure with games that have this icon. (Sidebar: The games that Bowser can be used in are; Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Party 10, and Hyrule Warriors.) If I could give a letter grade for this box, it would be an “A”. Now lets get this guy open and see how cool he really is.


Bwah hah hah!

Bwah hah hah!

Wow, this sculpt is amazing! Nintendo nailed it with this one. The color. The spikes. Bowser’s eyes. All astonishing! I would say that this Bowser Amiibo is the best of them all. I believe that this is the best Bowser figure that I have ever seen. There are some small paint issues. On my Amiibo, the paint rubbed off near the tail and the base of the turtle shell. Also, there are some spacing gaps on the face. The head almost looks to be two separate pieces. I don’t know why that would be. It seems that the head and face should be one solid piece. These are very minor gripes on my part. The best part for me is that he has no plastic stand like some of his predecessors. Bowser is one solid figure. He does not have any articulation but that is fine by me. This will be used as a display figure.

All in all this is a fantastic Amiibo to add to your collection. The Bowser Amiibo is in stores now. So, join the hunt to find him. Happy hunting! If you liked this type of review please leave a comment below and share it!


Phase One – Iron Man Cosplay

Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to write about making Cosplay armor. I decided to make some armor after seeing some others at my local con’s. It seemed pretty easy. That was not true. This is hard work. For someone that is doing this for the first time, it is not easy. Adding more pressure is that I wanted to wear it on Halloween. I know what you are saying, “Wasn’t Halloween back in October?” You would be right to assume that. I’m LAZY in my blog posts, plus college and work took up most of my time. So many man hours, so little time.

 Bicep and Forearm

Pepacura 3D file

Pepacura 3D file

Bicep prototype

Elbow and Forearm prototype

These are the two prototypes that I have made. The bicep feels good on me, it is a little loose but seem like it would work. The forearm is where the problem lies. The wrist is fine, plus the elbow is feels good too. The forearm is too big for me. This is what happens when you get your plans off the internet. I have no idea how to size down the armor. Keep this in mind, that I have to create 2x all the pieces. Meaning create another arm. That is going to add some more time on this project. These two prototypes were created from pepacura models. Pepacura is origami in a larger scale. After all the testing is done, I am using 1/4 inch EVA foam for all the pieces.

EVA Foam pre-bicep

EVA foam pre-forearm

After fitting and sizing the paper model, it is time to draw and cut. You disassemble your paper model and sketch all of your pieces on the EVA foam. Tip: When cutting use a sharp disposable box cutter. This foam will dull the blade after 50 cuts.

So, after cutting all these pieces out, you have naturally glue them. Given EVA foam is high-density and has many holes to fill. You have to use hot glue. I used a low-temp hot glue. If I used a hi-temp glue them the foam could have melted at the point of contact. This took me two days to glue everything together. Finally, I can paint and assemble this Iron Man Mk 6 arm!


Painted (first coat) bicep, forearm, and shoulder.

Before you start to paint you have to prime the foam. It is just like priming a piece of wood before painting. If you missed this step them your foam would have a dull gray color mixed into the color you wanted. Making the primer is simple: 3 parts water and 1 part white glue. Paint this on the foam, let dry, and your foam is now sealed for painting. You also could use PlastiDip. This is basically liquid rubber. It come in a wide variety of colors, including clear and metallic. You can use it to seal you foam and put down a base coat your color, my case red.

Blood shoulder

Tip: Never mix 3M spray adhesive and PlastiDip. These two do not mix together, as seen in the picture above. I used the adhesive to keep the form of the shoulder. It did not help. As soon as I sprayed the PlastiDip, some chemical reaction took place and most of the rubber “globbed” off. Since I made this on the week of Halloween, it look like blood.

Chicago screw or post screw.

The elbow had to move. After some time searching the hardware store, I found this screw. This is called a Chicago screw or a post screw. The screw has a male and female end that screw into each other, with a smooth rounded edge. I also primed these pieces with the glue mixture and then painted all these pieces gold.


Pre-painted full build w/o elbow (front).

Fully painted bicep, elbow, and forearm.

Full build assembled!

Finally, I was almost done. All I had to was attach the Velcro straps with some hot glue and staple them in place. Also, I had to get a baseball sleeve so you would not see my arm through any of the pieces, like the bend in the elbow. As you can see in my arm selfie, I went with a Iron Man 3 modular build.

I completed my first “cosplay”. Since I wore this during Halloween, I don’t know if this could be considered cosplay. This build cost me $68. By far the EVA foam cost the most, with an average of $24. I did cut out each arm but only completed the right side. I would only have to paint and assemble. Most of my help came from the prop maker Bill Doran(Punished Props) and his Foamsmith books. So, what do you think of my build? Love it or hate it? So, my question for you today have you cosplayed at a con? As what or if not who would you go as? If you have any questions or if there are any armor makers out there is there anything I am missing for this armor. Answer in the comments below.

Signing off for now.

LEGO Batman 3 Review 3

World’s Finest

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review

He’s the Caped Crusader, the World’s Greatest Detective, and a Lego minifigure. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham obviously stars Batman and a wonderful cast of minifigures as they soar beyond the stars to stop the evil Brainiac. With over 150 minifigs from across the DC universe like Atrocitus to Zatanna. The biggest draw for me was not the story but minifigures. Like all my other reviews, I will break this up into two sections: Story and Gameplay.


If you played the last game Lego Batman 2, you seen at the end that Brainiac set his sights on Earth. Well in this game, Brainiac arrives and captures/collects all the leaders of Lantern corps. With the Lantern corps in his cluches, Brainiac uses their powers to shrink Earth. Meanwhile, the Legion of Doom breaks into the Justice League’s Watchtower. It is up to Batman and friends to save the day. The story doesn’t not have much to offer but it is satisfying. At the end of the game, you do have a small storyline that relates to the 1966 Batman TV show, with Adam West reprising his role as Batman. This is a fun mini level that summed up the whole game. This level could have been easily sold as a DLC.

I, Frankenstein.

I, Frankenstein.


At first while I was playing this game, I thought this game did not change much. I was expecting some type new mechanic. There were only two things I seen that were new. First, the costume wheel for various characters. This costume wheel is something I like. For instance, Batman can change into his flight suit to his Arctic suit with tap of a trigger or by holding the character selection button you can select the suit you want. This is a game for kids. So, I was not expecting much. These Lego games are known for their hub worlds, which are in a open world. For the longest time, I was wondering where was this. This is why I buy games like this. I love open world games. During the course of the the game, you visited the Batcave and the Watchtower. Finally after beating the game and returning to the Watchtower is where the real fun happens. YOU CAN VISIT THE MOON AND THE LANTERN WORLD!!! As you can tell by the large caps, I really like this part. Literally you can visit the Moon. You can fly or run around. As you jump, you can go higher because of less gravity on the Moon. Also, there are cows in the Moon. The Moon acts as a hub world to the other Lantern planets. Each planet has their own quests and secrets. All of this provides the game with the best Lego experience yet but this could also be one of its main problems.

I'm Batman...on the Moon.

I’m Batman…on the Moon.

The camera is a hassle at most points. At some points in my game the camera was too far back to the point I had to stand in front of the TV and play. When playing on the Moon or Lantern planets, it gives the impression of the character moving the planet under it feets. Also, the camera jumps too much when in tight spaces. One point in my game, some type of glitch happened causing a Lantern planets environment to merge with the Moon’s rocky surface. The camera was stuck in a tilted angle. As I exited this area. It did not change. My character could not make it up a simple set of stairs. Finally reaching the Hall of Justice, the whole world flipped upside down. After restarting the game this issue was fixed. I have no idea what happened.
Overall, this is a fun game. You have over 150 characters to play as, races to beat, and worlds to visit. The main story only last for 10-15 hours but the free play can last an lifetime. The one drawback could be its camera but I would think most people could overlook this. This is a game for most people to play. I highly recommend it.


"He combs the galaxy like his pompadour on the hunt for aliens."

It’s the Dandy Way

Space Dandy Series Review

What can say for a show that is so unpredictable. Nothing. Space Dandy was more than pop culture references, it was how to live your life. Most of you have no idea what I’m talking about. According to Wikipedia, Space Dandy is an anime that follows Dandy, an alien hunter who is “a dandy guy in space”, in search for aliens with his robot assistant QT and a space cat named Meow. Created by series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and produced by Bones. The same creative team worked on Cowboy Bebop.

Though it only lasted two seasons, this show could have conceivably went on forever. The many Easter eggs that the show drew upon. These nods made the show more fun. Yes, some of the episodes were crazy and insane, like you were on some kind of drug-trip. Episodes ranged from the classic space race (a la Speed Racer), zombies, and the format wars. Space Dandy is one of those shows that can combine outstanding visuals and action with hysterical comedy. What makes the show work so well is that it does not care at all about its continuity and never takes itself too seriously allowing it to go all out when it comes to an episode’s plot and not worry about the ending. A giant explosion or a zombie apocalypse is just the tip of the iceberg for the crew as the adventures they take never cease to be funny.

Is that your final Dandy?

Is that your final Dandy?

One of my favorite episode was “Nobody Knows the Chameleon Alien, Baby”. Dandy and crew are starving aboard their ship. So, they bring an alien to get registered. They get challenged to find a Chameleonian. Which is an alien that no one its what really looks like. They unknowingly capture the creature on a fishing spree and bring their catch aboard their ship, where it begins impersonating the crew to outwit them and evade capture. One of the best scenes was of a completely random man who walks on-screen in the background whilst they bicker over whose fault it is. Of course, they don’t notice. Then Dandy finally theorizes that there’s a stowaway on the ship, prompting an exaggerated gasp from everyone including said random man. Again, no one notices. Then they decide to call roll call, and everyone, including said random man, calls in. No one NOTICES. HAHAHAHA!!!

Space Dandy had lots of laughs, touching scenes, great voice acting and interesting twists and turns. The soundtrack was amazing, the animation remains consistent and fluid. This anime just keeps giving and giving. I’ll leave you with the music video tribute that Toonami gave it on it’s last episode. Stay dandy, baby.


DI Review 2

An Infinite Gamble

“To infinity and beyond!” That is the catchphrase of the well-known space explorer Buzz Lightyear. Disney Infinity grew from that sentiment. To create anything you want and play anyway you want. Characters from different Disney films interacting with each other. Play how you want. In this latest edition of the Disney Infinity series, Marvel Comics joined to bring some superhero in to the mix.

Let me disclose that I have not played Disney Infinity 1.0 or any other swappable character type games. This is completely new to me. This review is going to be broken up into two parts. First, the Avengers play set and finally, the Toy Box mode.

Avengers Play Set – Story/Gameplay/Graphics

My first thought was “the Avengers are fighting Loki again?” The story is simply this. Loki escapes from Asgard and attempts to freeze New York with the help of M.O.D.O.K of AIM and a frost giant army. The story is lacking in development. SHIELD and the Avengers are called in to clean this mess up. For a game of Disney Infinity size you would think it would have a longer story line. For me this was about 6 hours to complete. The side quests are intermixed when picking a level. That is one complaint I have. You don’t know what level is the story line or a side quest. By asking Fury, Wasp, or the others, all you do is pick a level. There is no indication of what is the story line and what’s not.

Since this I bought the PS4 Disney Infinity 2.0 starter pack, the characters you received are Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow. I also received Captain America too for pre-ordering. Mainly I chose Thor. He can fly and call down some thunder justice. You can upgrade him and all other characters with their own skill tree. (By the way Level 30 Thor is a god!) The gameplay is simple. I guess this is because it is a “kids” game. You have a targeting system but the lock-on moves too much or doesn’t even work in if you are too far away from the target. For instance, if a frost giant is in front of you can lock on to him but if he moves in front of a car the lock on will move to the car. The targeting system is not worth it in most cases. This system was better in the Toy Story 3 Toy Box and that is where they got all this Disney Infinity inspiration from. I did like that some SHIELD agents did help you out if they were by the action.

Most of the levels are going simple. “Go here and destroy this” or “Go here and stop the frost giants”. Fighting Loki was a bit overdone and the fight with the final boss was too easy if your character could fly. In the first part of the level “Pier Pressure”, the frame rate dropped severely and did this several times. I have no idea if this was me or the game causing this. This should have been a standalone Hulk game. Really! It would have worked.

For a second incarnation of a game to warrant a next-gen console version, you expect it to have some great graphics. This version is decent but bare. Where are all the trees? New York City has trees the last time I checked. NYC looks bare. Just building after building and a small gathering of trees. I was surprised by the detail of smashing in to a building. You could actually see inside the building. The frame rate did suffer on one level, like I said earlier. The one thing I did dislike are the cut scenes. They look like they are not rendered properly. The character models look great zoom to third person but zoomed in not so much. Some of the sound clipped out on the final battle.

Teen Titans G....wait wrong universe.

Teen Titans G….wait wrong universe.

Toy Box

This is where Disney Infinity shines. After unlocking items from playing the main story, you can place them in your Toy Box. In that land you can do whatever you want. You also have now an INterior(HQ/clubhouse) to build and add-on to. I did have some problems with building area. Naming my area Jump City, I started building. The tutorial only does so much. The toy box expects you to know how to do everything. Yes, they do have builders who will build everything for you like a city or tree house but there is a limit. The more items that are in your city, the higher the “thermometer” is. Once you reach the limit, you can’t add anything else. To create your toy box, it takes time. I only had one mishap when buying an item. I wanted the Tron Identity Disk. When buying an item, looks like a skill tree. You have to buy the items before it to buy that one. I bought the identity disk but I can’t find it. No where does it tell me where it is. It is aggravating to know you bought something but can’t use it. Disney Infinity 2.0 expects you to know how to use the toy box. Yes, it does give you a tutorial after that you are on your own.  I really wish they would tell you the location of purchased items after you unlock them.
I chose not to review any of the Marvel power disks because at the time I did not have any. All in all, I wanted Disney Infinity 2.0 to achieve high marks. I wanted it to succeed! I was pulling for it. I really believe this was a great game. It was just okay. There are a lot of things to be fixed before 3.0 comes out here’s hoping the development team will fix it.